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Narutober 3-Rock Lee vs Gaara by Kenisu-of-Dragons Narutober 3-Rock Lee vs Gaara by Kenisu-of-Dragons
Naruto.....narutonarutonarutonaruto. The anime one of the few series that I've stuck with since I watched the beginning on tv. For a while, I was developing alongside the series. It's grown to be a huge world blending fantasy, martial arts, japanese folklore, magic, action, emotions, and suspense into one imaginative and immersive phenomenon. Being one who would watch the anime, there were times when I moved on to other things, especially when I was waiting for the show to get out of filler land, but sooner or later, I came back to check on our knuckleheaded ninja's journey to become hokage. Now that the anime has finally ended (for the most part) I caught up, and needless to say, I'm satisfied. Satisfied enough to awaken my inner Narutard. So I'm beginning a short art series, drawing 10 of my favorites moments from Naruto: 5 from the first show and 5 from Shippudden. It will include a summary of why I like these moments. The moments could span between a story arc and a brief scene. So grab a bowl of ramen and stay tuned.

3. Rock Lee vs Gaara
Rock Lee has to be my main favorite character. He is just so full of energy. Any action scene he's in is going to be alot of fun. If Naruto wasn't already the main character, Rock Lee would be (I know theres a spinoff about him. I saw an episode or two and I was done).  Gaara is also a favorite. He's sympathetic, intimidating, and cool. I never thought you could make sand look so dangerous. When the Chuunin preliminary exam matched these two together, it went perfectly. The confident one with natural talent against one who's had to work hard to get where he is. It's a classic tortoise and the hare story. When the match begins, Gaara just stands there, unphased by his opponent, but once the gloves, or rather leg weights, are off, Gaara's attitude instantly changes to shock as his opponent breaches through his defenses and pushes him to extremes. At that point, Lee begins to push himself to extremes, in the form of hidden lotus to hopefully deliver the final blow. Cornered like a cat, Gaara severely injures Lee, sparking his bloodlust, until interrupted by the match. All the while, Lee tries to keep standing, before being told he can never fight again. Even if that's not the case later on, it's still a powerful moment. Someone who has invested so much time and effort into the only thing he has, tries so hard to keep from himself from losing it. A gripping, action-packed moment of one who has shown the struggles he has been through to keep his purpose, and one who was forced into his own purpose.
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Precipitous120 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017

Brilliant work by the way, I think that was one of my favourite scenes too. I actually only watched Naruto because of this scene because all others pale by comparison. The Sasuke retrieval mission was the last great scene in the whole story line and then one filler episode, the star village, after that the whole story was down hill from there unfortunately.

Now where was I? Hmm

Oh yes. I have a fan fiction and my coming up chapter is in part about Lee. All this time in the story my main character has said that Lee's injured himself out of pride and ignorance, I hope that your art can inspire me to think differently and write a twist to my characters beliefs.

It is just after his surgery, a hospital visit.

if you could allow it I hope I can use your art as a cover picture for the chapter

I will credit you of course, please if you could... please lend me your talent?
Kenisu-of-Dragons Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
will you link to me your chapter?
Precipitous120 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017
Well I haven't written it yet but... yes?

does this mean you are interested?

you know I could add what ever you like to the chapter, since it hasn't been made yet.

favourite characters. emotional junk. ocs. you name it.

the chapter isn't about Lee specifically but why not.
Kenisu-of-Dragons Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
nah. write it how you want. ill think of something
Just letting you know I've posted up your art on my chapter.... read through it and find out if you like it…
Precipitous120 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017
I've started writing the chapter, I tell you it is really emotional already, I just hope I can make everyone cry instead of finding it extremely boring
Shade1999 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017
Rock Lee has my respect, I honestly thought he was gonna win, it was sad that Gaara broke his arm and leg, which was a dick move, Gaara sees no honor...
PickFairy Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Professional General Artist
Dude mad respect for this piece. This was my favorite scene from the show x3
snowcloud8 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
And thus the fanclub for Rock Lee increased by a thousand fold.

Seriously tho, I've watched a TON of anime fights since then, and I STILL remember Rock Lee taking of his weights. Was one of the most badass moments of Naruto history!
SpamCrackers Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
This was one of my favorite fights back when I watched the series. :) 
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